EvoWars.IO – Review, Strategy, Tips & Tricks!

by | Feb 5, 2019

EvoWars.io is a frenetic deathmatch arena-style action game where the only objective is to kill, kill, kill! Aim to be the top warrior by getting the most Kills and Scores. Unlock nifty Evolutions to gain an even greater edge on the battlefield!

How To Play EvoWars.io

At the main screen, type your preferred name and click on Play. Your in-game avatar follows where you place the mouse cursor. Attack and swing your weapon with the left mouse button while the right mouse button gives you a short speed boost. Smaller avatars move faster than the big ones but at the expense of having a shorter attack range. Collect orbs that spawn all around the battlefield to gain XP for strategic boosts. Killing another warrior eliminates them from the map, while being killed gets you a summary screen where you can see your Last, Best and Total Kills, Score and Time.

Evolutions are unlocked when you reach a certain level. You start out as a Caveman at level 1 and progress up to the Minotaur at level 23. Evolutions cap at level 25, with the developers promising more content as the game gets more Shares, Likes and Follow. Incidentally, you can get Evolutions such as the Cyborg, the Red Monster and the Alien when you Follow, Like or Subscribe, respectively.

EvoWars.io Strategy Tips And Tricks

Collect Orbs

It might be tempting to jump into the fray as soon as you enter the battlefield, but chances are that the other players will have the advantage in terms of range and level. Therefore, you should concentrate on roaming around and avoiding enemies while collecting orbs. It’s possible to get to level 5 and beyond just by roaming and collecting orbs, which should give you a fighting chance against higher-leveled opponents.

Big Orbs, Small Enemies

Your target should be big orbs and small enemies. Bigger orbs and smaller enemies can boost your XP gain so much that you’ll be able to get to the next level. Time your left mouse click just right and you’ll dispatch your opponents with ease. The trick is to know when to use the right mouse button to boost and when to swing your weapon with the left mouse click. After a few rounds you should be able to get a feel for the game.

Positioning Is Key

If you’ll notice, everyone holds their weapons in their right hands. Taking advantage of this fact is key to defeating players who are the same level as you. Approach with your right hand leading and take a swing when within range. If you’re defending, use the boost by holding the right mouse button to get out of range. A counterattack consists of a boost to get away, then doing a 180-degree turn and attacking when your opponent’s back is turned.

Follow, Like And Subscribe

If you have a Twitter, Facebook or YouTube username and want to unlock more goodies, then head to the Evolutions screen and click on the corresponding button to unlock the Alien, Red Monster and Cyborg. These Evolutions make sure you survive for longer while laying the beat-down on your hapless enemies!