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In, you are a small ball of light that grows as you consume more light. Behind your ball a light trail follows as you speed up.
The basic strategy in is to collect different-colored light balls to grow in size quickly. Though growing in size will slow down your light, it will also increase the size of your trail when speeding around. This comes in handy near enemies because they will die if they run into your trail. Therefore, growth serves as a great offensive and defensive strategy.
Another basic strategy when you begin is to avoid larger balls of light. The main advantage you have when you are smaller is that you are faster. You can achieve a speed boost by holding down the left mouse button. This allows you to get away from your enemies until you are large enough to take them on. Note: speed boosts will cause you to shrink. Once larger, you can use your trail and maneuvering to extinguish their light.
The final strategy in involves ramming your opponents. When you are a larger light, if you hold down the left mouse button, it will provide a speed boost that will take out smaller enemies.
In all, this fast-paced .io game will have you coming back for more. Remember, the fast pace results in many respawns! Controls

The controls for are pretty simple. Your character will move towards your mouse cursor. When you hold down the left-mouse button, your light will speed up. The movement is really fluid and continuous. Prepare to be on your toes!

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