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In the goal is to eat as many circles as possible while keeping away from the other  players. You are able to move along the plants constantly as you eat enough of the circles. Once you run from the larger mice and shrimp who are trying to knock you out.  The more circles you eat the larger you become.

The basic strategy for is to eat circles as fast as you can so you grow larger.. Eat enough circles to grow requires to run full speed when the other competitors comes by you. When you avoid them you can eat more circles or duck into a whole to hide till they pass and then eat more circles so you can grow larger..

Another strategy for is to upgrade as a rabbit, you can now eat other symbols. You need watch closely your competitors with this strategy because if you miscalculate others movements or their size they can take you out by eating you.  Then you have to start over.

Overall this is a quick and fast paced .io game. Expect to to be eaten a lot, but having fun every step of the way! Controls

The controls for are extremely simple. Your character will move towards your mouse, and if you want eat your colored circles,  they tell you which one’s you are eligible to eat,  you hold the mouse left button down. The movement is pretty fluid, and I only ran into an issue a few times with my character not responding to my mouse in a way I would have thought it would have. strategy how to play controls how to win at where can I play