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In your goal is to eat as many flies as possible to give you points while catching flies by jumping within a short distance of them. You're able to speed up  for every so often as long as you are changing flies. Once you run out of flies you'll stop running.

The basic strategy for is to catch flies by jumping with a short distance of them.  Do not jump on the flies.  Your frog will automatically catch any flies that are within range.  Also you can kill smaller frogs just by jumping on them but don’t let a smaller frog jump into you or you will die.

Another strategy for is attacking  and killing the smaller frogs just by jumping on them.  You need be be more careful with this strategy because if you jump into the body of another frog in mid air you will die.  If a smaller frog jumps into you you will die.

Overall this is a pretty fast paced .io game. Expect to eat a lot of flies, while having fun the whole time! Controls

The controls for are extremely simple. Your frog will move towards the flies, and if you want to charge the flies you hold your mouse clicker down. The movement is pretty fluid, and I only ran into an issue a few times with my frog not responding to my input in a way I would have thought it would have. strategy how to play controls how to win at where can I play