Hexar.io Strategy

Hexar.io is a strategy game where you need to fill the map with your color, also known as seizing new territory, while at the same time avoiding other players. 

You need to be careful to not have other players hit your trail, as that leads to your gaming death.

You move around the map by moving the mouse to where you would like your hexagon to move. You need to add to your cluster of hexagons in your color move in and out from the  ground you have claimed to seize more ground.

Do not leave a long trail as if someone crosses your trail tail, that will end the game for you.

The more you play this game, the more you want to claim more and more territory. You learn from your previous games and can build a larger and larger hexagon territory.

It is best to circle away from the territory you have claimed and then close off your trail and then build and build. You are also able to eat away at another players territory by moving over their color on the map.

Hexar.io is fairly simplistic like other popular io games such as Agar.io, but it can become addictive as you strive to grow your territory and move up the leaderboard. The fun aspect is that this is a multiuser game and you compete with people around the world.

You can get a speed boost by eating the colored circle that matches your hexagon color.

Hexar.io Controls

Move the mouse to where you want the hexagon to move to, then click!

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