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RangerSteve.io Strategy

In rangersteve.io your goal is about flying around the map and killing as many enemies as you can in highly intensive battles.. To play with others just join a game and then share the link in your address bar with those you want to play along with.

The basic strategy for rangersteve.io is to keep moving, flying and firing on others as quickly as you can.  Be aiming for people’s heads because you do the most damage hitting them there.  Always try different weapons as some work better against others.

Another strategy for rangersteve.io is attacking your enemies head on,  while still moving, firing and flying. You can do this by hitting the left click to Shoot.  To improve your aim all you have to do is move your mouse. You need be be more careful with this strategy because if you misread their movement or the length of their weapon they can exterminate them!  So it is good to learn how to move left or right by pressing A or D.  And always be ready to reload by pressing R

Overall this is a pretty fast paced .io game. Expect to be firing a lot, but having fun the whole time!

RangerSteve.io Controls

The controls for rangersteve.io are extremely simple. Fly ~ right click and hold, pressing and hold shift.  Shoot just left click.  Aim by moving your mouse.  Jump by pressing W.  Move left or right by pressing A and D.  Reload by pressing R.  Switch weapons by pressing Q.

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