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Blockergame.com Overview

Blockergame.com is a fun .io game you can play online, despite not being blockergame.io. It falls into this category for its ability to play on the fly (no downloading or registering required) and the non stop game play. It is essentially a suped up game of capture the flag, where you can team up with other players to dominate your opponents. A very fun part of this game, though, actually comes from the variety of character types you can play as. You can be a warrior, ranger, mage, doctor, ninja, basher, necromancer, bomber, bandit, scientist, druid, builder, viking, or defender. Yeah, it is a ton, but each does have it's own advantages in gameplay. Not only that, but they are adorable little sprites to choose from!

As far as gaming options, in addition to capturing the flag from other bases, you can also go on quests to obtain bonuses. You can also just run around and kill people! With the amount of different character types alone, you can easily spend an hour or two just playing and destroying others. In all, blockergame.com has great visuals, seamless game play, and a wide variety to keep you coming back for more.

Blockergame.com Strategy

To make the most of gaming on blockergame.com, try out few of our strategies that we found to really help us! The first strategy is to find a character type that you love. Again, there are a ton! Therefore, try the ones out that interest you the most. Find the one that you love and go out to kill the monsters and other players! We fell in love with the necromancer when we played because you can actually spawn zombies to fight for you. How cool is that! They not only swarm the enemy but they also create a nice defensive buffer if you need to escape several players.

The next strategy to get the most out of blockergame.com is to try out some different aspects of the game. Again, in addition to just hacking and slashing, you can capture the flags in enemy bases. You can also try out the quest they offer, whcih range from things like collecting crystals to killing monsters. Try out these strategies the next time you play blockergame.com.

Blockergame.com Controls

The controls for blockergame.com are pretty standard, but also very simple. You move around using the w,a,s, and d keys on your keyboard. If you want to aim at a character to attack, move your mouse in the direction of the enemy. Attack players with the left mouse button or spacebar on the keyboard. Remember that although each character type has different abilities, they all attack the same way! Now that you know the controls for blockergame.com, go out there and win!

How to Play Blockergame.com Unblocked from School or Work

A lot of players trying to play Blockergame.com from school or from other places who limit the websites you can view can run into issues if the school is blocking the site. There are a few ways to get Blockergame.com unblocked whether you’re at school or work.

Strategies on Getting Blockergame.com Unblocked from School or Work

We’ve written a short guide with a strategy that can allow you to play any .io game from anywhere in the world. To check our article out, CLICK HERE.
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