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DarkNova.io Overview

Darknova.io is a fun .io game played online where you team up with other players online to try to capture the enemy gem and return it to your base. Typically teams are 3 versus 3 so you have a little help to win. What we really enjoyed about darknova.io is a fog of war feature. If you are not familiar with that term, Fog of War was a feature made famous by the original Warcraft series. While playing on a map, you essentially could not see anywhere that you had not explored. Furthermore, if you did you have any active units in an area, that area was then grayed out and could have enemy units or buildings there since you last visited it. It was a nice feature that kept some mystery and urgency to gameplay. Darknova.io has done a good job of emulating this by making the board fill with asteroids. Your ship has a light on it that cannot see the back side of the asteroid, creating deep shadows as you move along. It is really quite a cool feature and we recommend that you try out darknova.io as soon as you can! 

DarkNova.io Strategy

The best darknova.io strategy that we can recommend is to go straight for the enemy gem. Do not worry about attack their ships because the round is over once you grab the gem and get it back to your base. With that being said, if you gain experience points, spend it on bigger defenses to withstand enemy fire. It also appears the the gem spawns in the same place each time. Therefore, memorize where your gem is on your side of the map and seek out that same side on the opponent's side. Try out these darknova.io strategies to dominate the competition!

DarkNova.io Controls

The darknova.io controls are pretty common ones for most .io games found online. Move around with the w,a,s, and d keys. To fire on your enemies, click the left mouse button. Click the right mouse button to use different abilities that you acquire as you gain more experience. Finally, to collect the enemy gem to return to your base, simply fly over it. These are the basic darknova.io controls. Enjoy!

How to Play DarkNova.io Unblocked from School or Work

A lot of players trying to play DarkNova.io from school or from other places who limit the websites you can view can run into issues if the school is blocking the site. There are a few ways to get DarkNova.io unblocked whether you’re at school or work.

Strategies on Getting DarkNova.io Unblocked from School or Work

We’ve written a short guide with a strategy that can allow you to play any .io game from anywhere in the world. To check our article out, CLICK HERE.
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