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Painty.io Overview

Painty.io is a fun diep.io style .io game found online where you shoot paint at your opponents to win! Your goal is pretty simple. You attack the NPC shapes around the map to gain experience. Doing so will allow you to upgrade different attributes of your ship including blaster damage, fire rate, max fuel, and max hitpoints. In addition, your ship can evolve into new ships. The first evolution occurs at level 10. Overall, we enjoyed painty.io for its simplicity and ability to upgrade your ship into a more powerful one. Try it out next time you are online!

Painty.io Strategy

There are a few basic painty.io strategies that we recommend to grow your ship faster. The first is fire on everything around you. There are random triangles that will attack you if you come in proximity to them. Fire upon them before you get in range to gain experience. Once you have leveled up a few times (which is simple as long as you are attacking those polygons!), apply some points to your different skills to get stronger. We recommend that you focus on blaster damage and fire rate initially. Upgrading these two will allow you to fire on other faster and stronger, which will give you more experience faster.

Next, focus on fuel capacity. By the way, your fuel gauge is actually the amount of paint your have to fire at others. If you run out, you cannot attack anyone. To replenish, fly around and collect the globules in space. Again, increasing your fuel capacity and your refill rate (the rate of which it will automatically refill) will help you dominate your opponents. 

Lastly, there is the strategy for evolving your ship. You can access your first evolution at level 10. This will give you an option to upgrade in one of four ways. Before doing so, we recommend that you access the evolution tree, which outlines all of the progressions in which you can evolve. Apply these painty.io strategies to the next game you play!

Painty.io Controls

The painty.io controls are pretty basic. You will use both the keyboard and mouse. Therefore, we recommend playing on a device that will allow you to freely use both of them. Otherwise, it may result in a diminished game experience. With that said, move your ship around the map with the w,a,s, and d keys. In addition, fire upon other players and NPCs with the left mouse button. That is it!

How to Play Painty.io Unblocked from School or Work

A lot of players trying to play Painty.io from school or from other places who limit the websites you can view can run into issues if the school is blocking the site. There are a few ways to get Painty.io unblocked whether you’re at school or work.

Strategies on Getting Painty.io Unblocked from School or Work

We’ve written a short guide with a strategy that can allow you to play any .io game from anywhere in the world. To check our article out, CLICK HERE.
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