LittleBigSnake.IO – Review, Strategy, Tips & Tricks!

by | Feb 5, 2019 is a turbo-charged version of the classic Snake, with shinier graphics, upgrade-able skills and multiplayer aspect. In the game, players complete missions while seeking to destroy other snakes to get bigger and have better skills and abilities. Can you climb your way up the food chain and become the ultimate Little Big Snake?

How To Play

At the start screen you’ll need to enter your name. If you don’t have the Adobe Flash Player plugin on your browser, the site will prompt you to install it. Click on “Allow” and the game will proceed. You’ll be taken on a short tutorial for the basics of the game, including moving with the mouse cursor and left-clicking to get a speed boost. You collect Nectar and gain mass and Keys to open Reward Chests. Power-ups such as Magnets and others litter the landscape to provide you with temporary boosts.

From time to time you’ll encounter other snakes who are other players in real life. Do your best to avoid your head making contact with any part of their body while maneuvering in a way that their heads hit your body.

The Evolution section at the lower left part of the screen lets you gain special abilities. Progress through the map and complete objectives to keep things fresh. You also gain levels and can change skins that are divided into Common, Rare and Epic. Go on a Co-Op with a friend or climb up the Rating from Newbie to Prince. Strategy Tips And Tricks

Play The Tutorial has a short tutorial that gives you all the information you need to start playing. Thankfully, it doesn’t last very long, and after 3 levels of collecting Nectar, eating Bugs and learning how to beat other Snakes, you’ll be free to go on your own. Plus, you’ll gain a few levels and keys and open several Chests to get other Skins. All in all, a worthy exercise.

Plan Your Evolution Wisely

Gold is a limited resource in the game, and it can only be collected when you level up and open Chests. Gold is also the only way you can evolve or pick abilities in the Evolution section, so make sure to spend it wisely. Tailor your skill leveling according to your play-style and preference. Don’t just use your gold on upgrades you may not use later, i.e., leveling your Temple of Entomophagy when you can level your Temple of Metabolism. You can hold off buying abilities to reach ones that require higher levels, i.e., waiting for level 9 to acquire the Great Magnet, etc.

Earn More Keys And Rubies By Watching Ads

You can watch ads after every stage and at the top of the map to earn Keys, Rubies and other goodies. Each ad should only take no more than a minute; make sure to complete the video until the end so you can get the reward. In addition, you can go to the Shop, located at the lower left part to get Coins, Rubies, Cards and VIP Bonuses such as extra lives and extra Keys, among others.