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Wings.io Overview

Wings.io is a shooter-style .io game you can find at some sites online. Being a browser based game, you do not have to download any content to your computer. Simple give a name and you can begin playing. In wings.io, you play as a plane and try to take out other planes. A very fun aspect of this game that differs from others is that when you die, your plane goes crashing down into the ocean. It is a clever gaming mechanic that gives the illusion that your plane is actually flying in the sky! Your plane is constantly moving, and you must maneuver around all while trying to shoot down other planes. 

Wings.io Strategy

To maximize gameplay in wings.io there are a few strategies you can try to have a wing up on your opponent. First and foremost, familiarize yourself with maneuvering your plane. Since the motion is continuous, it is easy to careen into a missile rather than avoid it. Another pro tip that relates to this is if you center your mouse on your plane, your plane will stop moving. This comes in handy to avoid a dogfight ahead of you or to quickly turn around to shoot your foe.

In addition to movements, the second wings.io strategy is to take advantage of the care packages falling from the skies. They carry health boosts and weapons upgrades. Your base weapon is a shooter. While more than adequate to go at it, an upgrade like a rocket launcher or ray gun definitely has its perks. They will help turn the tides for sure!

The last basic strategy is wings.io again involves your basic shooter. When shooting, you can actually hold down the mouse button for continuous firing! The base model has unlimited ammo. So, this gives a key advantage when approaching other planes. Note that this feature does not apply to all other weapon upgrades.

Wings.io Controls

The controls in wings.io are some of the easiest ever seen in an .io game. Your mouse controls the direction of where your plane flies. If you center your pointer on the plane, it will fly in mid air (which is unique and kind of odd). Additionally, to shoot your guns, you can either use the spacebar or click the left mouse button. Depending on your current weapon, you may be able to hold down the mouse button for continuous fire.

How to Play Wings.io Unblocked from School or Work

A lot of players trying to play Wings.io from school or from other places who limit the websites you can view can run into issues if the school is blocking the site. There are a few ways to get Wings.io unblocked whether you’re at school or work.

Strategies on Getting Wings.io Unblocked from School or Work

We’ve written a short guide with a strategy that can allow you to play any .io game from anywhere in the world. To check our article out, CLICK HERE.
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