"Horizon Forbidden West" – A Guide to Every Machine


This comprehensive guide will walk you through every machine you encounter in the world of “Horizon Forbidden West.” Whether you’re a seasoned hunter looking to hone your skills or a newcomer braving this perilous landscape for the first time, knowing the ins and outs of each machine is crucial for survival. PowerPyx has compiled a detailed list of Horizon Forbidden West All Machine Locations, giving you an edge in your journey through this stunning and dangerous world.

Types of Machines in Horizon Forbidden West

Clearly, in Horizon Forbidden West, players encounter a variety of machines that roam the post-apocalyptic landscape. These machines come in different classes and serve various functions within the ecosystem of the world. Understanding the different types of machines is crucial for survival and success in the game. For a comprehensive breakdown of each type of machine, refer to Aloy’s Guide to Machines – First Release!

Grazers: Herbivores of the Machine WorldPredators: The Hunters of the Wilds
Acquisition Class: Gatherers of ResourcesRecon Class: The Observers and Scouts
Combat Class: The Frontline WarriorsTransport Class: The Titans of the Terrain
Unique Machines: Exceptions to the Categories

Grazers: Herbivores of the Machine World

While exploring the vast landscapes of Horizon Forbidden West, players will come across Grazers, the gentle herbivores of the machine world. These machines move in herds, grazing peacefully on the vegetation that covers the terrain. Their behavior is generally non-aggressive, but they can defend themselves if threatened.

Predators: The Hunters of the Wilds

Machines categorized as Predators are the apex hunters of the wilds. They are agile, lethal, and relentless in their pursuit of prey. These machines exhibit predatory instincts and are equipped with a variety of offensive capabilities, making them formidable opponents in combat.

Understanding the behavior and attack patterns of Predators is crucial for surviving encounters with these machines. Players must be strategic and agile to outmaneuver these fierce hunters and emerge victorious in battles.

Acquisition Class: Gatherers of Resources

Assuming the role of Gatherers in Horizon Forbidden West are the machines classified under the Acquisition Class. These machines are tasked with collecting various resources from the environment to fulfill their designated functions. They can be found scavenging for materials and components across the landscape, often in groups.

Aloy’s knowledge of the behaviors and vulnerabilities of Acquisition Class machines is crucial for efficiently gathering resources and crafting crucial items for her journey. Engaging with these machines strategically can yield valuable rewards for the player.

Recon Class: The Observers and Scouts

Any exploration in Horizon Forbidden West involves encounters with Recon Class machines. These machines serve as observers and scouts, surveilling the surroundings and relaying valuable information to other machines in the area. They are equipped with sensors and advanced optics to detect movement and activity.

Understanding the scouting patterns and alert mechanisms of Recon Class machines is vital for staying undetected and navigating through the wilds without triggering unwanted engagements. Players can utilize this information to plan their approach and avoid potential threats.

Combat Class: The Frontline Warriors

Lurking in the shadows of Horizon Forbidden West are the Combat Class machines, the frontline warriors that engage in battles with swift precision and deadly force. These machines are designed for combat scenarios, equipped with an array of offensive and defensive capabilities to overpower adversaries.

Little can stand in the way of these formidable fighters as they unleash devastating attacks and strategic maneuvers to dominate the battlefield. Players must approach engagements with Combat Class machines with caution and employ tactical strategies to defeat them and emerge victorious.

Transport Class: The Titans of the Terrain

While navigating the vast landscapes of Horizon Forbidden West, players will encounter the Transport Class machines, the titans of the terrain that traverse the environment with immense power and purpose. These colossal machines serve as carriers, moving supplies and cargo across the landscape.

Classified under the Transport Class are machines that players can utilize for transportation and traversal, providing speed and efficiency in navigating the diverse terrains of the game world. Understanding the capabilities and routes of these machines can offer advantages in exploration and resource gathering.

Unique Machines: Exceptions to the Categories

West of the game world is home to Unique Machines that defy the conventional classifications, exhibiting extraordinary abilities and behaviors that set them apart from other Machines. These exceptional Machines pose unique challenges and rewards for players who encounter them.

Factors Influencing Machine Encounters

Your encounters with the machines in “Horizon Forbidden West” can be greatly influenced by a variety of factors. Understanding these influences can help you better navigate the dangerous world you find yourself in. From territorial behaviors to environmental influences and the impact of weather, being aware of these factors can mean the difference between success and failure in your encounters.

Territorial Behaviors

Even though the machines in the game may seem like mindless creatures, they actually exhibit territorial behaviors that can greatly affect your interactions with them. Some machines will fiercely defend their territory, attacking anything that comes too close, while others may only become aggressive if provoked. Understanding the territorial behaviors of each machine can help you navigate their environments more effectively, allowing you to avoid unnecessary confrontations and plan your strategies accordingly. Perceiving these behaviors can give you the upper hand in your encounters.

Environmental Influences

An important aspect to consider in machine encounters is the environmental influences that can affect both you and the machines. Factors such as terrain, vegetation, and weather conditions can all play a role in how machines behave and how you can approach them. Being aware of your surroundings and how they may impact the machines can provide valuable insights into how to better navigate and utilize the environment to your advantage. It is crucial to adapt to the changing environmental influences to succeed in your encounters.

The Impact of Weather

It is important to understand how weather conditions can impact your machine encounters in “Horizon Forbidden West.” Certain machines may be more active or aggressive during specific weather patterns, while others may be less attentive or have weakened capabilities. Knowing how the weather affects the behavior and abilities of each machine can help you plan your strategies accordingly and make the most of the conditions you find yourself in. You must adapt your approach based on the impact of weather to ensure successful encounters.

You should always be mindful of the weather conditions and how they might affect the machines you encounter. Remember that adapting to these conditions can give you a significant advantage in your battles, allowing you to outmaneuver and outsmart even the most challenging opponents.

Step-by-Step Guide to Approaching Machines

Unlike other games, “Horizon Forbidden West” requires a strategic approach when encountering different machines in the wild. It’s crucial to observe, plan, and gear up before engaging with these mechanical beasts. This guide will help you navigate through the intricacies of each machine encounter with ease.

Observation and StudyPlanning Your Approach

Observation and Study

Machines in “Horizon Forbidden West” come in various shapes and sizes, each with unique behaviors and weaknesses. Take the time to observe their movements, attack patterns, and weak points before engaging in combat. Use your Focus to analyze and study their machine components for valuable information.

Planning Your Approach

Any reckless actions can lead to disaster when facing machines. Before engaging, plan your approach carefully by assessing the terrain, setting up traps, and selecting the appropriate weapons and gear for the encounter. Consider utilizing the environment to your advantage to gain the upper hand against these formidable foes.

Understanding the behaviors and weaknesses of each machine is key to defeating them efficiently. By observing and studying their movements and attack patterns, you can identify their vulnerabilities and exploit them to your advantage. Always prioritize safety and strategy over brute force when tackling machines in the wild.

Necessary Gear and Weapons Preparation

Study your enemy’s weaknesses and strengths to determine the most effective gear and weapons for the encounter. Make sure to equip yourself with elemental resist gear and weapons with appropriate ammo types to maximize your damage output. Additionally, stock up on healing items and ammunition to ensure you are well-prepared for any situation.

Approaching machines in “Horizon Forbidden West” requires a combination of skill, strategy, and preparation. By following these step-by-step guidelines and leveraging your knowledge of each machine’s behaviors and weaknesses, you can tackle even the most challenging encounters with confidence. Remember to stay vigilant, plan your approach carefully, and equip yourself with the necessary gear and weapons to emerge victorious in the wild.

Tips for Engaging with Different Machine Types

Now, when facing the various machines in “Horizon Forbidden West,” it is crucial to have a solid understanding of how to approach each encounter strategically. Below is a breakdown of tips to help you navigate and conquer the diverse machine types present in the game. For a comprehensive list of all machines, you can refer to Horizon Forbidden West: Machines – list of all.

Machine TypeTips
StridersTarget their legs to immobilize them.
WatchersStealth is key – use tall grass to avoid detection.
ThunderjawsFocus on removing their heavy weapons first.
Shell-WalkersTarget their cargo containers for loot and incapacitation.
RockbreakersUtilize high ground to minimize their subterranean advantage.

Stealth Tactics

An vital strategy when engaging with machines is utilizing stealth tactics effectively. By staying hidden and observing their patrol patterns, you can find opportune moments to strike or bypass them undetected, giving you an upper hand in combat scenarios.

Combat Strategies

Clearly, combat strategies play a vital role in overcoming the formidable machines you will encounter. Understanding weak points, elemental vulnerabilities, and effective weapon combinations are key to maximizing your damage output and minimizing risk during engagements. Employing tactics such as hit-and-run attacks, status effect application, and environmental utilization can turn the tide in your favor.


Use of the Environment

Assuming the environment plays a crucial role in engagements with machines. Machines can be lured into traps, led into environmental hazards, or tricked into vulnerable positions by using the terrain to your advantage. By observing your surroundings and adapting your approach, you can outsmart even the most challenging adversaries.

The utilization of high ground, water bodies, and natural obstacles can create opportunities for more strategic engagements, allowing you to control the flow of battle and exploit weaknesses in machines effectively.

Pros and Cons of Machine Interactions

Despite the vast array of machines in “Horizon Forbidden West,” each interaction comes with its own set of pros and cons that players must consider. Understanding these factors can greatly impact gameplay and strategy.

Can yield valuable resourcesCan be time-consuming
Can provide strategic advantages in combatMay attract unwanted attention
Can unlock new abilities or upgradesIncreased risk of damage or failure
Can offer insight into machine behaviorsRequires careful planning and execution

Benefits of Successful Engagements

Successful machine interactions in “Horizon Forbidden West” can lead to a variety of benefits that can aid players in their journey. By tactically engaging with machines, players can gain access to rare resources and valuable loot, which is crucial for crafting powerful weapons and armor. Additionally, mastering machine interactions can provide players with strategic advantages in combat, helping them overcome challenging foes more effectively.

Potential Risks and Downfalls

An important aspect to consider is the potential risks and downfalls of machine interactions. While successful engagements can be rewarding, there are also dangers to be aware of. Players may attract unwanted attention from other hostile machines when engaging with a machine, making it crucial to plan encounters carefully.

It is vital to assess the situation before engaging with a machine, as failure can result in significant damage to the player and might even lead to a failed interaction. Players must weigh the risks and rewards of each engagement to determine the best course of action in “Horizon Forbidden West.”

Advanced Techniques and Tactics

Keep in mind that mastering advanced techniques and tactics is crucial for success in “Horizon Forbidden West.” Here is a breakdown of some key strategies to employ:

  1. Specialized Weapons Usage:
    Utilizing Elemental AmmoEnhance your damage output by exploiting machine weaknesses to different elements.
    Precision TargetingAim for critical components to disable machines more efficiently.

Specialized Weapons Usage

Clearly, employing specialized weapons such as elemental ammo and focusing on precision targeting can significantly enhance your combat effectiveness. By understanding machine weaknesses and targeting specific components, you can exploit vulnerabilities to gain the upper hand in battles, increasing your damage output and disabling machines more quickly.

Machine Overrides

One necessary tactic to master is the ability to override machines to fight on your side temporarily. This powerful tool can turn the tide of a difficult encounter, allowing you to have a powerful ally in battle.

Machine overrides offer a unique advantage, providing you with an additional ally and creating distractions for enemies, giving you the opportunity to strategize and unleash coordinated attacks.

High-Level Combat Strategies

Specialized maneuvers and strategic planning are paramount in high-level combat scenarios. Understanding enemy behaviors, exploiting weaknesses, and leveraging your arsenal effectively are key components for success.

Usage of traps, environmental hazards, and well-timed dodges and counters can turn the tide of battle in your favor, allowing you to overcome formidable foes and emerge victorious in challenging encounters.


To wrap up, “Horizon Forbidden West” introduces players to a wide array of challenging and unique machines that roam the post-apocalyptic world. With this guide, players can better understand the strengths, weaknesses, and strategies for defeating each machine they encounter. By mastering these encounters, players can enhance their gameplay experience and progress through the game with greater ease.

Exploring the world of “Horizon Forbidden West” is an exhilarating experience, made even more thrilling by the diverse machines that inhabit it. With the knowledge gained from this guide, players can approach each machine encounter with confidence and skill, ultimately leading to a more rewarding gaming experience in this stunning open-world adventure.

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Q: What is "Horizon Forbidden West"?

A: “Horizon Forbidden West” is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games. It is the sequel to the critically acclaimed game “Horizon Zero Dawn.”

Q: What are Machines in "Horizon Forbidden West"?

A: Machines are robotic creatures that roam the world of “Horizon Forbidden West.” They come in various shapes and sizes, each with unique abilities and weaknesses.

Q: How many types of Machines are there in "Horizon Forbidden West"?

A: There are over 25 different types of Machines in “Horizon Forbidden West,” ranging from small scouting machines to massive combat machines.

Q: How can players defeat Machines in "Horizon Forbidden West"?

A: Players can defeat Machines by exploiting their weak points, using elemental attacks, traps, and stealth tactics. Understanding each Machine’s behavior and weaknesses is crucial for success.

Q: What tips do you have for players facing Machines in "Horizon Forbidden West"?

A: Some tips for facing Machines in “Horizon Forbidden West” include upgrading weapons and armor, studying Machine attack patterns, utilizing the environment to your advantage, and mastering dodging and timing your attacks for maximum effectiveness.